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Thursday, May 10, 2007

When big business see only $ signs!

Superstars can do what they like. They can even be obnoxiously arrogant, living depraved lives that are completely devoid of morals; they can be the biggest blot to humanity on this planet, yet, if it can bring in the $$$, then some corporations (big business) will go out of their way to promote such scandalous people!

They will go as far as sponsoring the evil perpetrated by such degenerate, decadent, immoral, barbaric people and their so-called shows that are driven by greed, illicit sex and the promotion of despicable acts on stage that can can only be described as a simulation of "rape!"

"Hip-hop superstar Akon is touring the U.S. with the help of major U.S. corporations, including a partnership with Verizon, despite being under investigation for a simulated rape of a 14-year-old preacher's daughter caught on video last month at a concert in Trinidad.

"Patrick Manning, prime minister of Trinidad, called for a formal investigation of the explicit April 12 performance at Trinidad's Club Zen, which has since been closed by authorities."
Read Big corporations help 'rape rapper' tour U.S. to conclude this story...

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