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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Zuma an honourary pastor!

Pastor Zuma?I sometimes wonder what people are thinking when they do what they do. Even more so in this case of Zuma being ordained as an "honourary" pastor!

In this case, Bishop Ben Mthethwa of the Independent Charismatic Churches, "ordained" Zuma a priest in his movement according to the IOL link above. According to the Sowetan, it was Pastor Vusi Khoza who conferred the honour.

I mean, get real! What was Mthethwa thinking?

How anybody in his right mind could even entertain the thought of "ordaining" Zuma as an honourary pastor/priest is completely beyond me. This is bestowing an honour on Zuma he is not deserving of! Zuma's lifestyle goes against almost everything Christianity stands for.

It seems to me that Mthethwa is looking for browny points with a man who may or may not be South Africa's next Prez! Of course, employing this shrewd move will obviously not escape the notice of all those ardent Zuma supporters.

In their abject ignorance they said, "We stick by our decision to honour Zuma. He will continue to carry the mandate of Jesus Christ for us." What mandate would that be? A mandate for adultery and corruption? Zuma is a man without a moral compass. Or, at least, if he has one, it has no "N" on it! It just seems to me that he is weak on morals. How then, can such a man be "ordained" an "honourary" pastor?

How can men like Mthethwa and Khoza be seen as men of God when they so easily violate the very Scriptures they claim to adhere to?

The Bible makes it very clear who may or may not be pastors in the church. Zuma does not do so well when graded against this criteria. Further, Zuma has shown no evidence of a life of following Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church!

If anyone wants to support Zuma politically, then do so politically. Do not commit sacrilege in the process by defiling an office of the church.

Lastly, I have made my thoughts about the ANC abundantly clear, and think that these pastors of the independent charismatic churches are in grave error on this subject!


Anonymous said...

Hi William,

While I fully agree with you that the church should be incredibly careful of thoughtlessly ridiculing church office, we should be careful about pointing the judgmental finger or expressing the malicious tongue. While I hold no scope for Zuma, and utterly detest the apparent peddling of faith to buy votes, public judgement about his lifestyle is not for us to pass. We are all sinners. Even if Zuma was an apparently godly man, it remains unacceptable for him to use his faith as an instrument through which to obtain votes. I think that Christ would turn his campaigning tables over and send him running from the temple. But let's play the issue and avoid the temptation of having a go a the man's lifestyle per se.

Blessings, Ross

William Dicks said...

Hi Ross,

When it comes to Zuma, his lifestyle is the issue.

Both Christ, and the apostle Paul, rebuked people in public for their public displays of their lifestyles and their beliefs.

It is not that we have to guess about Zuma's life, it is quite public knowledge.

It is necessary to highlight the issues of a man's lifestyle when he wants to be our president! I believe a man's lifestyle and beliefs impact greatly on his public life.

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