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Thursday, December 06, 2007

We are stupid stars!

If you ever thought that education is on the right track, think again. Our educators keep on telling us that all we need to do is think more of ourselves, and we would do better.

Build your self-esteem! You are a star! You are unique! No-one else is like you! We are bombarded daily about how wonderful we are. However, are we learning anything? Are our educators actually teaching us anything of value?

"The education elite have redefined what it means to be ‘educated.’ If a child is ignorant of facts, dates and figures, no problem. The emphasis now is on self-esteem and ‘just being you.’ That’s much easier than learning... More broadly, America's educational elite has built on this down payment of unqualified self-regard by redefining what it means to be educated. Rather than be educated about meaningless stuff — dates, names, facts, figures and other trivia — these selfless patriots have committed to drilling it into kids that no matter how "stupid" or "ignorant" they are on paper, in the real world they are brilliant and wonderful."

Read more about Jonah Goldberg's analysis of modern education and its outcomes, pardon the pun, in his USA Today blog opinion article called, "Our gold-star world!"

HT: Justin Taylor

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