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Monday, April 21, 2008

Obama: Lying through his teeth

Thomas Sowell wrote a very interesting commentary on Barack Obama called "A Living Lie."

Here is a little taste of it:

"Senator Obama's election year image is that of a man who can bring the country together, overcoming differences of party or race, as well as solving our international problems by talking with Iran and other countries with which we are at odds, and performing other miscellaneous miracles as needed.

"There is, of course, not a speck of evidence that Obama has ever transcended party differences in the United States Senate. Voting records analyzed by the National Journal show him to be the farthest left of anyone in the Senate. Nor has he sponsored any significant bipartisan legislation -- nor any other significant legislation, for that matter.

"Senator Obama is all talk -- glib talk, exciting talk, confident talk, but still just talk."

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