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Friday, April 25, 2008

South African energy giant lies about cheap tariffs

The ESKOM saga continues in South Africa. As I have said before here and here, the mismanagement at ESKOM and its governmental control has no end.

One of the mantras that ESKOM--and the government--continually repeats is that our electricity is the cheapest in the world. I never believed that for a moment. Not because I had facts to prove them wrong, but because we have all seen how open laagered and truthful untruthful this government and its corrupt cronies have been from the beginning. Their track record says it all!

Now, economist Mike Schussler said the claim of cheapest electricity is a lie!
Schussler said that the research used by ESKOM and our government for the claim of cheapest electricity, used a "carefully selected group of industrial countries [...] rather than any developing countries."

He also said that out of a survey of 55 countries, 10 other countries had cheaper electricity than South Africa. Countries such as China, India and Russia.

Read the complete article here.

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