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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

22 April: South African election date

Well, that is the date the IEC announced for the elections. Unless, of course, the date has to be postponed due to current court cases, trying to get the law changed, that prevents South African citizens living abroad from voting.

Such citizens, currently living abroad, have to pay tax in South Africa (unless that dumb law was rescinded). That means our current elections law prevents citizens, that must pay taxes from participating in our country’s elections process. What are they paying taxes for, then? Simply to have their names on a citizens’ roll?

On another note, Kenneth Meshoe, President of the ACDP announced that he does not think the ANC will get 50% of the vote in this year’s elections.

I would call for caution when statements like these are made in public!

Sure, it makes for great rhetoric and surely adds hype to the elections process, but where are the concrete statistics to back that up? Just because some people joined the ACDP from the ANC, by no means mean that there has been a landslide of people leaving the ANC to the effect that the ANC will get 20% less of the vote. All of this can only be discovered post-elections.

Right now there can be many claims, but none of those claims can be proven until after the elections. When it comes to politics, many politicians can tell stories of great pre-elections exuberance and confidence, jut to be set up for the big fall.

So, IMHO, rhetoric and hype, especially among Christians should be kept to a minimum, or in fact not used at all, and instead should rather make their policies known on a wider scale. People are tired of elections speech filled with nothing but misplaced confidence and hype, with no returns during the elections.

So, we must remain level-headed, and those policies must be made known widely!

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