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Sunday, April 05, 2009

South African Farmers a Target Group?

I have been saying that South African farmers are a target group for the current government for a long time now.

There is NO easier way for "land reform" than to let murderers have their way on farms, and so scare more and more white people not to go into farming, or to give up their farms!

Farmers, as a relatively small subgroup, have seen 3000+ murders.

Sarah, Maid of Albion, wrote the following:

"I have today updated the total number of white South African farmers killed in the world's most ignored genocide to 3,041. From today (April 4 2009) I shall update this post every time I am notified of further killings, and link it directly to the total which I will keep in the fixed Right hand column of this blog."

Read more of Sarah's post, "More white crosses in South Africa."

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