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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Uganda will not bow to U.N.osexual pressure!

The U.N. and the homosexuality posse have been putting pressure on many countries to normalise homosexual practice (hence U.N.osexual).

It is a breath of fresh air to hear a government tell the U.N. that it will not bow before immoral, "illegal, unnatural and abnormal" practices.

"Uganda will not be forced to legalize practices that are illegal, unnatural and abnormal… At the United Nations there are attempts by some nations to impose homosexuality on the rest of us… We have learned that they want to smuggle in provisions on homosexuality… Yesterday I spoke to [Uganda's UN] ambassador Ruhakana Rugunda and reminded him of Uganda's position, which opposes legalisation of homosexuality," said the Ugandan Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity Dr. James Nsaba Buturo.

Read more of this story at "Uganda Refuses to Bow to United Nations Pressure to Accept Homosexuality."

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