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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I do not want these thugs to defend my country!

Ill-disciplined! No national or military honour! That is my opinion of these soldiers that should have the character to do battle for our country against evil foes!

But, no! These thugs would rather take to the streets with all kinds of hand weapons, destroying private and public property as they march on. Soldiers, who have sworn to fight for this nation and to die for it if necessary have no business taking to the streets marching on the capital, acting in the exact opposite manner in which they have sworn to act. This is dereliction of duty! Our own police department had to shoot at these thugs with rubber bullets to restore order. What does that say about the men in our military?

My question would be why these thugs joined the military in the first place! Was it to get a salary, or to become defenders of our country? If it was for the former, then they have made the wrong choice! These are the kind of people that will desert their country in battle and difficult times, because they do not have the strength of character, nor do they serve this country with honour!

When I was in the army we only received about R60 per month, and when we fought in the Angolan Border War we were paid about R150 per month. Here we fought for the honour of our country! Our men died there, yet we pressed on to battle evil.

These so-called soldiers behaving like thugs have no battles! They do not face death every day! They do not march in the bush for weeks, many times without food, still facing the enemy! The only enemies they face today are their bank balance, their dishonourable conduct, their criminal behaviour! In the proverbial story of mice and men, they do not even qualify as mice! They are cowards who do not deserve to serve in the military. They are a disgrace to this nation and should be punished accordingly.

Oh, that our country would be defended by men of honour and not just men with the mentality of boys looking for a salary. It is time that the real men in our military deal with these thugs!

With people in our military like this, it will indeed be a dark day when real war comes back to our doorstep!

Let's pray that day never happens!

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