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Monday, August 31, 2009

Nomination process for Commissioners to the South African Human Rights Commission is open

Human Rights must always be balanced by simple common sense, of which there is little in the world these days, and built upon the privileges of life that God established in the Bible. Rights should also be counter-balanced by responsibilities.

Please nominate Christians to this commission!

The following arrived in my Inbox from the Parliamentary Monitoring Group:

Nominations: Commissioners to the South African Human Rights Commission

Advertisements were placed in the media  in May 2009 calling for nominations  for five full-time Commissioners to the  South African Human Rights  Commission (SAHRC). The closing date for those nominations was 8 May 2009.

The  Portfolio Committee on Justice and Constitutional Development, which has  been  tasked by the National Assembly with making recommendations on the  names of  persons to fill the vacancies in the Commission, has decided to  reopen the  nomination process. This is because the National Assembly may  decide to nominate  more than 5 Commissioners and may also decide to nominate  part-time as well as  full-time Commissioners.

Nominations are, therefore, invited from  individuals, organisations,  institutions and civil society for suitable persons  to be appointed as  full-time or part-time Commissioners to the SAHRC.

The  nominees must:
  • Be South  African citizens who are fit and proper to serve on  the  SAHRC
  • Comply  with any other  requirements prescribed by national legislation, in particular  the Human  Rights Commission Act, 1994
  • Possess  suitable  qualifications, expertise and experience in the area of human   rights,
In accordance with the  provisions of  the Human Rights Commission Act and Constitution, the National  Assembly may  recommend persons for appointment for a fixed term, as the  President may  determine at the time of such appointment, but not exceeding  seven  years.

The persons recommended for appointment as Commissioners must:
  • Promote  respect for, and a  culture of, human rights, including rights to information and   equity
  • Promote  the protection, development and attainment of human  rights
  • Monitor  and assess  the observance of human rights
  • Act  impartially and  independently, without fear, favour or prejudice, in the conduct  of their  duties
  • Actively  promote public  awareness of and education on human rights and assist members of  the public  in accessing their rights
  • Be  involved in the investigation of alleged human rights abuses  or violations and  recommend measures for redress
  •  Contribute to the research  and  reporting functions of the SAHRC.
Nominations must  contain the full  name, postal/e-mail address and contact details of the  person or organisation  making the nomination, a signed acceptance of the  nomination by the nominee and  a Curriculum Vitae (CV) providing the  nominees:
  • Full  name, ID number and gender
  • Contact  details, including  physical address, telephone/cell number and e-mail   address
  • Relevant  previous experience (including relevant dates and  organisations  concerned)
  • Academic  qualifications.
Nominations  can be emailed to Committee Secretary Mr Vhonani  Ramaano at vramaano@parliament.gov.za by no   later than Friday, 4 September 2009 at  17:00.

NB:Nominees who complied with all the  requirements set out  in the advertisement of May 2009 need not reapply, as their  nominations have  already been accepted for consideration.

Enquiries: Mr V  Ramaano tel. (021) 403-3820, cell: 083 7098427

Issued by Mr Ngoako  Ramatlhodi MP: Chairperson: Portfolio Committee on  Justice and Constitutional  Development

Thank you,
Mlulami Dodo
Parliamentary Monitoring  Group
Website: http://www.pmg.org.za
Access to all  Parliamentary Committee information
Email mlulami@pmg.org.za
Tel 021 465  8885

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