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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Being ridiculous about 2010 Soccer World Cup

This is probably the most stupid, ridiculous, pathetic thing I've seen. I hate crime in South Africa just like anyone living in South Africa, unlike the ANC and its leaders in government!

And don't think I do not hate crime. Here's my list:

  • 2 Nieces' cars stolen from them at gun point in 2 separate instances.
  • 1 Niece raped by a thug.
  • 1 Uncle murdered in his home.
  • 1 Cousin murdered.
  • 1 Car stolen from our home.
  • 1 Break-in into our house and goods stolen.

Believe me, I hate crime with a passion, but to try to get people to buy kevlar vests when coming to watch the 2010 soccer, is simply ridiculous and it is making South Africa look like a war zone! Millions of South Africans drive to work and back in peace with no incidents whatsoever, apart from the many morons driving on our roads!

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