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Saturday, January 02, 2010

ANCYL wants more to be educated

ANC Youth League (ANCYL) spokesman Floyd Shivambu said that South Africa's educational system is not adequate enough to serve the country's skills development needs.

Of course, this is once again the old mantra of the ANC youth league, "Gimme, gimme, gimme!" Of course, it has nothing to do with the ABBA song. ANCYL thinks that since the ANC is running the country, that they should simply use public money all over the place to educate their cadres! Because, as this happens again and again, whenever ANCYL or even the ANC wants something for the citizens of this country, what they really mean is that they want it for those that are ANC/ANCYL members. I have heard so many times from people that I have spoken personally with, that they were turned away just before the final hurdle in job hunting merely because they were members of non-ANC parties. This scheme will once again be a way of keeping public education within ANC circles, using taxes paid for by the ordinary man in the street.

ANCYL must think that South Africa is rolling in the dough. In the U.S.A. the average in tuition fees at the top 18 universities is around R277,500 ($37,000) per annum. In England it works a bit differently, but there it comes to around R38,700 (£3,225) per annum.



















The above table shows what it would cost South Africa the first 4 years. Almost R24,000,000,000 in the U.S.A. and R4,000,000,000 in England! After the first 4 years, it will cost South Africa R36,400,000,000 per four years in the U.S.A. and R6,192,000,000 in England for those 4 year periods. This is assuming there are no fee increases over those periods. These exorbitant amounts of money are only for tuition fees and do not include the living expenses of the student! From the start of the 4th year of this program, South Africa will be forking out between R1,514,000,000 and R9,100,000,000 per annum.

According to a News24 report, ANCYL wants this "scholarship [to] take care of all the students' needs, including transport, accommodation, tuition fees, food and a monthly stipend." This could essentially double, and in some cases triple the amount spent on each student that the taxpayers would be paying for! This means that tax payers will pay between R3,028,000,000 and R4,542,000,000 per annum for South African students to study outside of South Africa! This amount excludes studying in the U.S.A.!

Apart from the already planned NHI tax, does this mean that if ANCYL gets its way we would get NET (National Education Tax)?

Does ANCYL really think that South Africa can afford to pay between 3 and 4 billion Rand per annum to send many undeserving kids into another country to study? What if these kids don't get their way over in FAR, FAR AWAY? Will they strike and burn down buildings and destroy property like they do here?

How many of those 10,000 kids that will be sent out on my hard earned money will actually make a success of it? What would be ANCYL's measure of success in this program? Who will be sent? Will students be sent based on skin colour (typical apartheid system) or on merit? Oh yes, merit to the ANC means having an ANC membership, doesn't it? How many of these students will actually qualify for entrance in those foreign universities?

Once again ANCYL shows that our country is in deep trouble if they are the barometer of the kind of leadership that they will provide to the country in the future. Their track record is against them: from a wood-working failure in Julius Malema and the nationalization of mines to this hare-brained educational scheme!

A country allowed to be ruled by fools will produce many more fools!

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