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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Normal life in South Africa: Crime has become a way of life

Before reading the next bit of my post, first read this to get a background on South Africa and its crime.

There is probably NO person in South Africa that has not been affected by crime. So, when relating the crime that has affected my family and friends would be quite normal. It is not out of the ordinary in South Africa's de-civilized life that multiple crimes have been committed against the same people.

So, without further delay, in my own family, the following has happened:

1x uncle murdered
1x cousin murdered
1x gardener murdered (for R7 – less than $1)
1x niece raped
2x nieces' cars stolen from them at gun point
1x my car stolen (never recovered)
1x my house broken into (goods never recovered)
3x house breaks at father-in-law's house
1x Attempt at stealing father-in-law's car in front of his garage

Is this normal? Not in a civilized society, but in South Africa, this is how we live, daily!

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