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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Baseball in South Africa

For those in the U.S. baseball is as easy as pie to go watch. During baseball season there are games going on almost everywhere, with games in the major leagues and lower leagues happening simultaneously!

Here in South Africa, baseball is as scarce as, well, nothing is that scarce. Perhaps, as scarce as snow at Christmas! Baseball South Africa's and the South African National Baseball League (Pro League) websites are available. But you will soon notice from these, that there is not much information about baseball in the country. How lame is that?

However, I read in one of our local newspapers, the Record, about a baseball day, which happened yesterday (2 Oct 2010). My son and I decided to go watch some live baseball, and even though it cannot compare with MLB, it was fun to watch. I came up with this great idea. My son could get involved in junior baseball and work up the ranks and he is keen to play. The only problem is that it is more than 20Km (12mi) from home (practices are during peak traffic hour), and it is the final term of the academic year coming up. It just is too far from home.

Anyway, I took some videos with my Nokia E63, and that is what you can watch below. There are 4 short videos in the playlist.

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