Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SA government wants to control what you are paid

governmentrefundThe so-called freedoms gained by the democratic elections of 1994 are in jeopardy from all fronts. Just recently a furore broke out in this country, where the ANC wants to curb free speech in the newspapers. Then, they started calling for nationalization of mines. They further also want a National Health Insurance (NHI), which you as a citizen will have to pay for, whether you use it or not!

This government, run by the ANC, now wants to tell private businesses how much of an annual increase they may give their workers, especially if a person earns a certain amount of money. The suggestion is that a cap is put on bonuses and increases for senior managers and executives that earn more than R550k ($77,588 – exchange rate per 24 Nov 2010) per annum. They further suggest that people earning less than R20k ($2,821) per month should get increases equal to inflation PLUS a real increase. On the other hand, those that earn more than R20k per month should get increases equal to inflation only.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Airport Security: Your freedoms eroded!

TSA Gone Wild
Via: Criminal Justice Degree

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The Mother City (Cape Town) sells sexual perversion

Errol Naidoo, of the Family Policy Institute, has released an Action Alert concerning Cape Town’s marketing of the Mother City Queer Project, which is an annual celebration of the perverted homosexual lifestyle during December.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Taxi drivers strike against new AARTO Act because they will lose most

Taxi drivers have decided to strike today against the new AARTO (Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences) Act.

The Aarto system penalises drivers with demerit points for traffic offences. Once a driver has 12 demerit points, his or her driver's licence gets suspended for three months. A driver's licence gets cancelled on the third suspension,” writes Giordano Stolley at Mail&Guardian.

The South African Transport and Allied Workers' Union (Satawu) is demanding that the government withdraws the new licensing system, saying that it would cause their members untold hardship and a loss of jobs.

You see, these striking taxi drivers are concerned about the hardship and loss they will suffer due to the new law.

What they do not want to admit to is the fact that of all drivers in South Africa, taxi drivers are in my opinion by far the worst! It is true that they will suffer and experience job losses among them. In fact, many of them will experience this sooner rather than later! They drive like hooligans, and ignore traffic laws and regulations with impunity! They are in fact a danger not just to others using South African roads, but to the very passengers they transport across the country!

If there is indeed a way of controlling the taxi industry and its lawlessness, then it must be done!

I say, go AARTO!

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Will America survive itself?

godblessamericaI love America, and I am not ashamed of it! Even though I am a South African, I love the United States of America! Many South Africans only show disdain for America, but the fact is that most of them only know America from what they see in the movies and TV shows, or perhaps the misguided CNN news channel.

My family and I lived there for 2 years (Columbus, Ohio) and we thoroughly enjoyed it. My greatest wish is to be able to return to the U.S. in order to live there for the remainder of my life. Will God grant that wish?

Even if He doesn’t, and I never get to see the friends we made there from 1999-2000, I will always have fond memories of our time there.

So, when I read about some of the truly stupid things that the lawmakers get up to in the U.S., I feel sadness, that such a great nation could one day just be another ordinary nation on a list of nations with nothing special to offer. Yet, the results of the mid-term elections give me hope, that somewhere, in the soul of America, there are still people that have some common sense.

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Monday, November 08, 2010

Racist South African Idols judge lashes out at Idols racism

maralouwMara Louw, who has already made several racist remarks in her stint as Idols judge in South Africa, has done it again!

In an outburst mentioned in a news article at News24, she is reported to have said:

“White people vote for white people and black people get the short end of the stick.”

She also said that “Black people don't have access to DStv. So a large part of South Africa is excluded.” That may or may not be so, however, there are a lot of up-and-coming black South Africans that are already hooked up to DSTV.

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