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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ACTION: Even chewing gum sells sex these days!

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What used to be a childhood pass-time has now been fashioned as a new draw card for sexual activity, perhaps even to the point of sharing your girlfriend with others. Is this really how far Beechies wants to push this envelope?

Just today I sent an email to the South African importers of Beechies on behalf of the Biblical Christian Network (BCN).

As parents and Christians we need to stand up against this type of sexualisation of our children via the previously innocent activity of [“insert innocent activity here”]! e.g. chewing gum! We need to stand up today so that our children can have a smut free tomorrow! Once again, in 10 or 20 years from now, what will you tell your child hen he comes to and asks: “Mommy, Daddy, what did you do when Beechies made chewing gum about sex? Why did you leave it to others to fix?”

Please, make a conscious decision today to start doing something for the future of this country. Don’t just sit back and expect others to do it. What if they are thinking the same? Please read the Action Alert from Errol Naidoo from FPI, and write to the relevant persons he mentions. Then, stop buying those Beechies, even if you or your kids are craving to chew on them! Let Beechies feel it where it counts, their bank balance!

Stop The Flood of Filth From Foreign Sewers!
A few weeks ago I warned about foreign meddling in South Africa’s public policy formulation. In addition, there is a disturbing influx of foreign based immorality aimed specifically at our youth.
A case in point is the current Beechies advertising campaign that blatantly demeans and objectifies women and glamorises drunkenness, debauchery & casual sex as cool and acceptable behaviour.
I wrote to Richard Papo, the Marketing Manager of Natela Importers, the local distributors of Beechies products. I received the typical corporate response from Natela that essentially validates immoral behaviour & contends that the sexual exploitation of women is acceptable - if legal.
The Beechies advertising campaign is inspired by the MTV ideology that teens must break free from traditional moral codes & determine their own sexuality – which is, “if it feels good do it!”
It appears as if the sewers of foreign inspired filth has directed its attention at SA to corrupt our youth and entrench a godless philosophy that destroys the lives of many young people.
You and I must act against this attack on Biblical Christian values & defend the only moral foundation that preserves & strengthens the family & guarantees a healthy & prosperous nation.
I am therefore calling for a nationwide boycott of Beechies products until Natela cancels  
its advertising campaign that demeans women & promotes drunkenness & debauchery.
You can write to Richard Natela at Richard@natela.co.za to express your concerns about Beechies dangerous and immoral advertising campaign that degrades women & the youth. Please also copy 
Natela Importers MD, Vered Mann at vered@natela.co.za & jirilanca@yahoo.com .
Every Christian citizen concerned about the moral decay in SA must write to Natela and encourage their congregation, family and friends to join the national boycott of all Beechies products in SA.
We must send a clear message that the Church will not remain silent when its values are eroded.
Another attack on marriage & the family is the South African launch of Playboy - the US based porn magazine. Apparently, their distributors are using guerrilla and stealth marketing tactics to get the magazine onto store shelves without the manager’s consent or knowledge.
The Body of Christ must stand united against the porn plague! Please remain vigilant. If you discover Playboy at a store you frequent, please complain to the manager & request its removal.
Together we can bankrupt Playboy and other sexually explicit magazines like FMH & GQ. Take a stand now! Playboy is attempting to legitimise pornography by infiltrating family stores.
The media reports Sexpo will feature live sex shows this year. Sexpo, the venture of a depraved Australian businessman, will appear in Durban & JHB later this year but not Cape Town.
I am investigating whether this is a publicity stunt. However, I doubt live sex shows in a public forum is legal in SA. I will be speaking to the Film & Publication Board to gain clarity.
When the Church of Jesus Christ stands united in prayer and purpose there is no force on earth capable of defeating it – evil prospers when good people do nothing! Please do something!
Please help me send out a clear message today that Christian citizens in SA will no longer remain silent when women and youth are devalued by corporate greed and corruption.
Errol Naidoo   
PS: Please commit to promoting righteousness & opposing wickedness in SA. Complain about pornographic mags in retail chain stores & request Christian magazines with uplifting content.
P.S. Please forward this to a friend
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