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Friday, April 08, 2011

I will vote ANC! SHOCKER!

. . . if it is for the ANC's demise, I will!

Julius Malema, that perpetual firebrand of the ANC Youth League, who wants the boers/farmers (whites) shot, says that we should vote for the ANC to keep Nelson Mandela alive.

Now, I know there are some out there who swoon at the name of Nelson Mandela, but the fact is that we do not vote for parties to keep personalities alive. We vote for what is best for South Africa, and anything ANC is NOT good for South Africa, and that includes Nelson Mandela. He may have been good for South Africa in some respects, but under his watch, almost 1,000,000 people have been brutally murdered. And, yes, that was after his release from prison. I am not even thinking here about the atrocities he was in charge of while a terrorist!

Under his watch, abortion on demand was rammed through parliament, while he instructed ANC MPs in government to vote the party line, against the wishes of the people. Quite a saint, isn't he? It was also under his watch that pornography was given a free reign in this nation, once again, AGAINST the wishes of the citizens of this once great nation!

However, without rehashing what I have said about Mandela, you can read here what I have said before.

Furthermore, here are two very insightful videos by Dr. Peter Hammond on his interactions with Nelson Mandela.

Image courtesy Rivercity.co.za
So, NO, Julius Malema, I will NOT vote for the ANC! Not now, not EVER!

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