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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We are all equal, some just MORE so!

In South Africa, affirmative action is entrenched in the minds of the ANC government. In their minds, and a host of other liberals who constantly bow before the ANC as if the ANC is 'god,' if a white person complains against affirmative action and its equally evil twin BEE (Black Economic Empowerment), they are either labelled as racist, or they are told to "get a life!"

Finance Minister Trevor Manuel, in the National Assembly, said that the "act is clear, the intent is clear. It isn't even optional, it is a constitutional imperative, so get a life. We will have to do it because that is what the constitution requires of us."

This is such a two-faced statement, and the load applause from the many ruling party MPs is just as bigoted, because the ANC has pushed through at least fourteen (14) constitutional changes since they took over power in 1994.

It is so amazing that the morally corrupt ANC hides behind the constitution every time someone disagrees with them; however, when they disagree with the constitution they amend it. The ANC's morality only goes as far as it benefits them!

It is astonishing that the ANC can think that creating one wrong can fix the sins of the past! One wrong cannot fix another wrong! Apartheid was a great sin that was perpetrated on non-whites in South Africa, but now to commit the same sin against whites is just as big a sin!

Excluding any person simply because of his skin colour is morally wrong. However, the ANC is acting like a bunch of spoilt brats with its "you did it to me first!" attitude.

Of course, what was the fight for civil rights has become the continued stand for black rights. Until 1994, the ruse was a fight for civil rights, but in fact it has always been to establish the superiority of blacks over other races, especially whites.

In fact, the fight was supposedly a colour-blind fight, to create equality for all in South Africa. This fight was to establish equality among equals. What does that mean? It means that when two people apply for a job, that both would be seen as equal when their expertise are the same in the same field. This is to say, it is equal opportunity. This does NOT mean that two persons of different colour should have the same opportunity simply because we do not see colour. Equal opportunity has nothing to do with colour. It has everything to do with equal expertise.

If it was simply a colour thing, then a black person should be considered for a position simply because he is black. The same goes for a white person. That means, a person would then be considered for a job simply because of his colour. So, a person will apply for a job, even if he does not have the necessary skills for that job, and should get the job because of his colour! As a result, Mr. X gets the job because he is green. Whether he has the skills for the job is of no consequence! Taken to the extreme, for the sake of argument, Mr. X is now a doctor even though he never studied to become a doctor, simply because he is green! This is what has been happening. To deny it is to lie with a straight face.

Ok, so the fact is that we are all equal. No one has more intrinsic value than another. We are all human beings that descended from the one human being: Adam!

However, non-whites (not just black people) were discriminated against, and even though many non-whites had the obvious talent, they were prevented from being educated and from employment equal to their talents.

Once the victory over apartheid came, equality was to come with it! Each person was then supposed to have equal opportunity, but the ANC redefined equal opportunity to mean something totally different. What happened is that equal opportunity in essence then simply meant that a black person should be chosen above a white person; in fact above any person of any other colour. From here there was an attack upon standards, since many were given jobs which they were not accustomed to and neither had the skills or education for. Why was this the case? Well, a disproportionate number of the previously disadvantaged people were excluded. So, instead of having a single colour-blind standard, which was inclusive of all people, there arose a demand for double standards which rewarded the previously disadvantaged based on these new lower expectations!

This means that individual rights were eliminated in favour of group rights. These group rights were taken further to even exclude ordinary people to rather favour and protect the elite! Most of the BEE occurring in South Africa fall in the hands of a select few big names of black business owners.

Instead of bringing an end to the previous government's skin game, the ANC government has chosen to perpetuate the game. People are still not regarded as individuals. We are still judged as members of our respective racial groupings and not as individual citizens of this country. Now, instead of discriminating against black people, there is still discrimination; just in favour of them.

As a result there is NO equality before the law. Of course, the ANC will claim that there is equality. Sure, blacks are just more equal!

Real equity will come into being when each individual citizen of this country has equal opportunity based on merits alone!

Skin has no merits!

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