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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Darfur continues its unspeakable acts of abuse

Darfur continues to be a part of this earth where human life is not even worthy of being called a commodity!

Whether it is a rebel group, the Sudanese armed forces or the Janjaweed (government backed Arab militias), it seems that ethics and the value of human life are inconsequential!

Simply put, they do not care, as long as they can reach their goals! Which is complete domination!

Children and women are enduring "unspeakable acts of violence and abuse" in the form of murder, rape, abduction, torture and child recruitment as fighters!

When will this stop? This, while politicians from all over sit and talk! How many talks haven't they had already. Yet, there is no evidence that their talking has made any difference!

When I think back of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, I am reminded that while organizations such as the U.N. (Useless Nations) were talking, almost a million people were slaughtered in a very short period of time.

This so-called civil war in Sudan has been going on for 21 years.

All I can say to all these "concerned" governments involved in the Darfur problem is, "keep talking, while the people keep dying!"

Talk is cheap!

Stopping these "unspeakable acts of violence and abuse" will take extraordinary acts by extraordinary brave people.

Who will these brave people be?

Have a look at the heartbreak caused in Darfur.

Do you care? You better! You may be next!

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