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Monday, October 06, 2008

Family Policy Institute misrepresents African Christian Democratic Party

The Family Policy Institute (FPI), in its July 18th reporting of the launch of the Christian Democratic Alliance, said that the "African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) opted out of the CDA choosing to remain in their multi-party governance arrangement with the Democratic Alliance (DA)."

In their reporting on the ACDP's so-called alliance with the DA, they used a bit of mix-n-matching with their reporting. After they made this categorical statement in their article, two paragraphs down they quote the president of the ACDP, Dr. Kenneth Meshoe as saying, "The agreement is a multi-party governance on a city basis only and will never be on a national basis." I call this maneuvering by the FPI as ducking-and-diving.

In my opinion they had absolutely NO need to make their initial statement. Dr. Meshoe clearly stated that there is no nationwide alliance with the DA, and that the alliance with them in Cape Town was limited to Cape Town alone.

The article by FPI shows absolutely no objectivity, as they are making a statement that was clearly debunked by the ACDP president. The facts, as alliances go, also speak volumes in this regard. Apart from Cape Town, the ACDP has no alliance with any other political party in the country.

The decision by the ACDP not to join the CDA has therefore nothing to do with its current city alliance with the DA and several other parties. That of course is never mentioned in the article by FPI.

In my opinion, the initial statement in the article by FPI, which is stated as fact, should never have been made.

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