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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Value Voters USA

I am not an American (I am South African), but I lived and worked in Columbus, Ohio for 2 years (1999-2000). I have always been interested in the history of the U.S. and what's happening there. I also always have to defend the U.S. among many of the people I know in South Africa.

Everytime elections come around, they are called the most important elections ever. However, the 2008 U.S. elections of November 4, in my opinion are the most important of all time for the American nation. Barack Obama is the most left-leading radical ever to run for president, and if he wins, it will be known in history as the Great Turning point for America.

That is why every Christian needs to think very carefully who they want to vote for. The fact that there are Christians who stand behind Obama simply boggles my mind. The man is a socialist, bent on the continued destruction and murder of babies and of the family in his support for homosexual marriage. He must be stopped now.

It is at this point in the life of America, that Christians need to say "NO!" to the Democratic Party and their left-leading, immoral policies and candidates.

Please visit ValueVotersUSA.com to find out more. The following video clip comes from their site.

Here is a video from ObamaNews2009.com, about the possible ramifications of an Obama presidency:


Anonymous said...

You're not even an American so your extremist comments about American politics are of no value Willie DICKs (nice name BTW). I have a feeling you're one of those hypocrites who hasn't come out of the closet yet so you like to "beat up on minorities" and anyone who isn't completely hateful like yourself because your own life is miserable and full of secrets.

You comments about Obama are ridiculous and laughable. Ever hear of separation of church and state? People like you are the reason why this country is such a disaster right now. Because the wolf, George W. Bush snuck into the political world. He elected by a pack of uninformed sheep like yourself who wanted to mix your religious views into the public sector. You can't scare people into voting for McBush this year though. I know most people who claim to be Christian are actually the most un-Christian of all. Hide behind your blog condemning people but God knows who you really are!

William Dicks said...

Shame! And your best shot at making your point is a play on words with my name and surname! Very educated!

Please reread your constitution, and you will find no separation of church and state.

Your first amendment says:
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"

If your Supreme Court (or any other court for that matter), or your government, wants to force religion out of the public sphere, then they would violate the very first amendment of your constitution. They are not allowed to prohibit religion or its exercise at all.

What Jefferson wrote to a Baptist pastor cannot be regarded as law, so "separation of church and state" is a complete misnomer forced upon the people by a bunch of unelected government officials (judges).

I agree that Bush made mistakes, but at least you cannot say of him that he has murdered 40 Million babies, like abortionists have and continue to do. This is what Obama stands for. That makes him culpable in the murder of thousands and thousands of babies.

About being uninformed: you either know nothing about Obama and what he stands for, or you do and agree with him. That makes you, as much as him, culpable for the atrocities against the unborn. Make your cross next to his name on Nov 4, and you show your true colours.

The fact is that both of you are in need of salvation. Both of you, just like I was, are in need to be set free from your sins. That is why Jesus came to earth. To die and save people from their sins, so that when they die, they could be with God and not endure eternal damnation because of their sin.

Anonymous, why don't you turn from your sin and believe in Jesus Christ as your only Saviour?

Anonymous said...

The main problem with a Bible beater like yourself is that you feel your religious beliefs are superior over anyone else's, thus the reason that it's critical the country does not adopt one religion's beliefs over another. The country is made up of people from many different religious backgrounds. Self-righteous people like yourself would never recognize that though. You are too busy wasting your time condemning people to hell instead of doing anything positive to make society a better place, where we can all live together and respect each other's FREEDOMS TO CHOOSE and freedoms to be as we wish. You act as if you're more powerful than God. This only shows that you have a huge human ego and no real faith that God can do His own work and doesn't need man to do it for Him.

As for abortion. You are wasting your time with that issue. Even your Republican candidates will NEVER OVERTURN Roe v. Wade. Palin and McCain have said they are Federalists and will let the individual states decide, which basically means that if one state prohibits abortion, but another allows it, people will simply go to the state that allows abortion to have one. If George Bush were going to outlaw abortion, why didn't he ban abortion during the 8yrs he had in office--6 of which he had a Republican Congress & Senate to approve his bills AND he was able to appoint new Supreme Court judges WHO ALSO did not overturn Roe v. Wade??

So what makes you think that by voting for McCain it will be any different? The Republican party is stealing your votes and making broken promises. Even they know it would be political suicide to ban abortion. They are lying to extremist religious people because they know you will follow them without questioning their motivation. Their motivation is to take your vote and never appease you by banning abortion.

It is not your job to tell people who needs salvation...only God's. Worry about your own life because it appears you have some seriously deep rooted issues of your own if you feel the need to be right all the time and tell people how they should live. I don't think you're a very good example of Jesus at all......I am a Christian but not a hateful one like yourself who has the need to tell others how to live their life. You have one life to live and that is YOUR OWN.

God created us all perfectly, so unlike you I WAS BORN OK THE FIRST TIME and don't need to be "BORN AGAIN".

Anonymous said...

'God created us all perfectly, so unlike you I WAS BORN OK THE FIRST TIME and don't need to be "BORN AGAIN".'

Really? You really made this statement just after proclaiming your Christian faith. You know, you were born OK the first time, yes, but you didn't stay that way. Bible say so, plain and simple. All have sinned and fallen short, right? That's a pretty well-known reference, by practicing Christians anyway. A denial of the need for a savior, of the need to be born again, constitutes denial of what Christ did, of why he died. Without recognizing the need, how can you hope to experience the grace of God's plan?

To call yourself a Christian, you need not understand every little verse in Scripture, but to at least acknowledge the one main thing, the one message therein - that He died so you wouldn't have to. The word 're-born' is just a paraphrasing of the concept, if it's distasteful to you, use whatever term you like.

Your first comment stated that those who call themselves Christian are the least Christian, but if you can't accept the fact that you need a Savior and have no interest in the concept of being born again, then you are the ringing example of your own statement.

You may take take this as more harsh than empathetic. I do not wish to take sides or team up on you. I'm also not a big fan of the tactic whereby facts are blasted about like shotgun shells with the expectation that it will actually have an impact on those with an opposing viewpoint.

If you're just yanking this guy's chain and know what to say to get a rise, well you did that much, at least after *I* read it.

Jeff said...

Many times it takes an outsider looking in to see the truth. Our secular views are what continues to destroy this country. Have any of you looked at the statistics of what our Nation is becoming? - More teen pregnancy, more sexual, emotional and physical abuse, more children being killed and abandoned - wake up!! Obama is going to put this detrioration on steriods. We are not all born perfectly. We are all born sinners, which requires humility, repentence, and prayer for forgiveness. The Bible has always been and continues to be the #1 best seller of all time with 500,000 copies distributed every day - why? Because it is the TRUTH. Ignorance and foolishness is no excuse. Mark my words right here and now - if Obama is elected, we will experience the greatest devestation this country has ever seen. To admit this in four years at the next election will be too late. I will pray for the foolish that think they are better than God, are so prideful that they think they can do it on their own, and do not believe in eternal life.

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