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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Online Christian School in South Africa

The school my children attend, Hatfield Christian School, here in Pretoria, has come up with a way of assisting children that are out in far flung areas, or those involved in home schooling here in South Africa, with an accredited online school called the Hatfield Christian Online School.

Essentially, there are three programmes to choose from:
The Online Option

"In this option, the student elects to do all of his / her subjects online and they become fulltime students of our Online Programme. These subjects lead to an Independent Examinations Board (IEB) matric. There will be regular assignments and assessments which will need to be completed timeously if a student is to progress."

The Top Up Option
"You have the option of signing up for one or more subjects which will supplement your other studies."

The School Based Option
"The current educational system in our country means that there are numerous schools that are not adequately staffed. There are also other schools, where the designated staff member is alone in the department and is not confident that he / she is on track. It is our intention to be of assistance to these schools and ensure that as many young South Africans as possible receive a sound and quality education."
The Hatfield Christian Online School is launching in 2009 with Gr 10, offering the following subjects:
Afrikaans (1st additional language)
Maths Literacy
Physical Science
IT (Information Technology)
CAT (Computer Applications Technology)
Business Studies
Life Orientation

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