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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Voting According to the Word of God

Kent Pletcher, from the Grace Remarx blog, in his post Voting According to the Word of God, wrote specifically with the American elections in mind, however, his comments can be directly applied to the South African elections of early 2009.

Here are a few paragraphs:

"If you truly believe the Word of God...you will do all you can to live it!

"Now let me apply this to our God-given right to vote. If we believe the Word of God and hold Him as our highest treasure in life. If we truly believe, as the Bible clearly states, that our greatest duty and pleasure comes through obedience to God's Word than we should always vote according to the Word of God.

"I don't care if your (sic) Republican or Democrat...the Word of God must always trump everything else.

"If the Bible says that murder is sin you better not vote for someone who endorses abortion.

If the Bible says that homosexuality is an abomination to God than you better not vote for someone who endorses homosexuality or same sex marriage."

Read more here.

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