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Friday, March 13, 2009

ANC costs South African taxpayers millions

True to the nature of the ANC's bloated ego, they confuse themselves with government in so far that they use taxpayer money to foot the bill for their own corruption trials and personal protection.

Taxpayers foot the bill of Jacob Zuma's personal protection to the amount of R1 million per month! Remember, Zuma is not a public office bearer. This has cost the taxpayer around R50 million so far!

Further, the taxpayer paid R2 million in legal fees for Jackie Selebi's fight against corruption charges. Jackie Selebi's corruption is his own corruption and should therefore pay for his own legal fees. Unless of course the ANC agrees that the government are the co-accused in the corruption charges! But we already know that is true. However, the ANC should pay for their own corrupted cronies, and not rob the South African taxpayer of hard earned money!

Read the IOL article, Security guards for Zuma cost SA millions.

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