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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Woman wants baby dead, but just don’t kill it!

The illogical notions of abortion in America (and I am sure elsewhere) came to the fore again.

A woman, Sycloria Williams, went to an abortion clinic to have her unborn baby murdered. I am using the word murder to put this whole thing in perspective. So, when the baby was murdered, she sued the clinic for doing so.

Of course, just like American law, this woman is applying the unspoken 6 inch rule. “What is that?” you may ask. Well, it is the distance between being unborn and born. Within American law that makes the difference between being abortable and being left alive.

So, in effect, these people, including mothers, are willing to kill babies as long as they are still inside the mother. What makes a mother think it is right to kill her own child while the child is still inside her, while outside of her it is no longer right simply doesn’t make sense!

This just shows the inevitable stupidity of the idea of abortion!

To find out more about this story, read A Florida Clinic threw away a live baby because the mother did not want it.

The story is gruesome, and the abortion clinic should be closed for its clear violations and outright murder of a child that was born healthy. Further, the nurse that disposed with the baby so unceremoniously should be brought up for charges of murder.

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