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Thursday, March 19, 2009

God and Government in Cape Town – 6 & 7 April 2009

I received the following notice of a seminar on "God and Government" from Africa Christian Action.


South Africans are about to go to the polls and exercise their democratic right to vote at possibly the most exciting elections since 1994. It is with this in mind that the Every Nation / His People Nation Building Initiative presents the God and Government Seminar for pastors, politicians and leaders.

The seminar will be held in Cape Town at the His People Centre (in Goodwood) from Monday 6th - Tuesday 7th April 2009 from 9am – 1pm with evening sessions starting at 7pm (evening sessions are free of charge).

The purpose of this seminar is to address and discuss how:

  1. Christians should vote in the coming elections.
  2. Christians should engage the coming elections.
  3. Christian politicians should conduct themselves approaching the coming elections.

The main speaker will be Mark Beliles – Co-author of Liberating the Nations(with Stephen McDowell), President of National Transformation Network (USA).

The seminar will be run in a workshop format giving plenty of time to debate, discuss and formulate practical ways in ways that we can engage the coming elections.

The seminar will cost only R100 per delegate for both days (whole seminar) and will include refreshments.

We appeal to you to confirm your attendance and to indicate who is the strategic team of leaders that you will be bringing with you.

Please RSVP as soon as possible with names and email details to Gaynore: gaynore.cele@gmail.com or call 072 877 6443 or 021 595 8900 so that you can secure your booking. Please note the number of delegates is restricted to about 400 people.

Africa Christian Action will be running a God and Government resources table at the seminar.


The updated 2009 Biblical Issues Voters’ Guide in English (including COPE's standpoints) – detailing the positions of 8 leading political parties on 8 key Biblical issues-is now available from www.SAvotersguide.com or you can click here to download. Distribute quantities to your congregation, community and colleagues.

Quantities can be ordered from Africa Christian Action, call 021–6894481 or email: info@christianaction.org.za.

The Afrikaans Voters' Guide is now available as well as the main page of the Xhosa Voters' Guide on the www.savotersguide.com website.

The SAvotersguide.com website also features relevant articles, helpful links, a downloadable Voter Education tract and PowerPoint, plus view responses of political parties to the Christian Action Network’s Policy Survey.

Christian Action magazine

The latest Christian Action magazine includes a special election emphasis. Quantities are available for distribution. Contact Africa Christian Action: 021 -6894481 or info@christianaction.org.za.

"But select capable men from all the people - men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain - and appoint them as officials..." Exodus 18:21

Sent out by:

Africa Christian Action
PO Box 23632

Cape Town

South Africa
Tel: 021-689 4481
E-mail: info@christianaction.org.za
Web: www.christianaction.org.za

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