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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bunch of Pe(t)anuts!

There are people all over the world that are clearly nuts. But, then, you get the PETAnuts. Humane treatment of flies, cockroaches and weird new names for fish! Nuts, just pe(t)anuts!

Chuck Colson writes:
Charles Colson
"There was a lot going in the news last week—riots over the election in Iran, North Korea’s nuclear saber-rattling.  But the biggest story of the week, it turns out, was—drum roll, please—the story of President Obama swatting a fly.

"'I got the sucker!' Obama told CNBC correspondent John Harwood after killing a fly that had been buzzing around his head.

"Harwood laughed and the camera crew applauded. But the sight of the fly’s corpse lying on the White House rug was too much for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals—and insects, apparently. They sent a letter to the Fly Swatter in Chief, expressing their disapproval."
Read more in Colson's short commentary, "'I Got the Sucker': Obama, PETA, and the Value of Human Life."

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