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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lost in a cachophany of sound

What do you experience when there is just silence around you? No TV, no radio, no computer, no aircon, no cars, just silence! Do you become anxious? Maybe you even panic?! Or is that a moment in which you can think clearly, reflecting on the events of the day? Perhaps you use such time to reflect on deeper things, like the meaning of life, or your faith in Jesus Christ! As Dr. Albert Mohler writes:
"Our culture now assumes noise and the constant availability of
music, electronic chatter, and entertainment. In many homes, there is
virtually no silence -- at least during waking hours. In some homes,
family members live in isolated environments of independent sound, with
iPods, televisions, radios, and any number of other technologies
providing a customized experience of noise.

"All this takes a toll upon the soul. Psychologists argue that the
development of individual identity requires extended periods of
solitude, reflection, and silence. The Christian tradition has honored
silence as a matter of spiritual discipline and an intentional effort
to flee the noise of everyday life in order to hear what that noise
cannot supply.

"The life of the mind and the shaping of the soul require the ability to
hear, recognize, and understand what would be lost in a cachophany of
You can read more about our need for silence in Dr. Albert Mohler's commentary, "'Where Do All the Colors Go at Night?' -- Children and the Need for Silence."

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