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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Obama bows before tyranny and evil, unlike Reagan

If ever there was a U.S. president out of his depth it is Barack Hussein Obama. He is not a man of conviction, standing on moral high ground demanding that evil and tyrannies be brought to an end. No, he will be remembered as the groveling president, the grovobama!
"As for Barack, he behaves on the world stage like some Ivy League kid ashamed of the people he came from, letting one and all on campus know that he is nothing like his benighted family with its sordid history.

"In Cairo, he confessed that America had a hand in dumping over the regime in Iran in 1953. He did not mention that the United States forced the retreat of Joseph Stalin's army from Iran in 1946."

Read Pat Buchanan's article on the grovobama as The Anti-Reagan!

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