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Friday, April 23, 2010

Criminals are cowards and should be treated as traitors to mankind!

Justice!What makes criminals think that beating up a one-year old little girl is acceptable in any way. Oh yes, these morons are cowards by nature! Criminals think that everything they "appropriate" is theirs by right. Well why did this follish and godless government take away the rights of victims to find justice from this corrupt and foolish government.

Any constitution should protect its citizens from its own government overstepping its bounds with regards to its citizens. Not the so-called progessive constitution of South Africa! It must be the only constitution in the world where the rights of criminals outstrip the rights of the victims. Oh yes, it is the right of these pathetic criminals to take what they want through any means necessary as a redress of past "injustices!" These contemptible criminals, so-called South Africans (some just Africans), should be thrown in jail and made to work for their food and lodging.

We need Chuck Norris!The South African constitution, in its Bill of Rights (chapter 2 of the constitution), spells out the rights of Arrested, detained and accused persons in section 35. This section has 5 subsections, 27 sub-subsections and 8 subparagraphs. That makes it 40 related points just for the criminal. The word "victim" does not even appear in the constitution. All that victims get are the rights that every citizen gets, the same as a criminal before the crime was committed. After the criminal has committed a crime, he suddenly has more rights than the citizens of this country.

It certainly is time to bring back the death penalty. Oh, sorry, perhaps then the ANC's voter base will be seriously damaged!

These criminals, with the full cooperation of the ANC, are spreading fear, death and mayhem in South Africa. They have no inkling of how to accomplish self-governance in their own lives. The fact is, that this government has created a godless society, that claims that it is 75% Christian; yet, it is probably the most violent, murderous society in the world! There is a true disconnect between what the people of this country claim and the outworking of events on the ground!

South African society shakes its fist in the face of God. God may be patient, but He does demand justice and the day will come when South African society, with all its social corruption, and its many depths of immorality, will experience the wrath of God. If not in this life, then in the next. And, believe me if I tell you, the South African liberal constitution will not protect you from the wrath of God. Am I trying to scare you? Hell yeah! If the idea of God's wrath does not scare you, well, you have been forewarned!

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