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Friday, April 16, 2010

Even an ass has more sense

The Bible tells us about the story of Balaam the prophet, who was asked by Balak, the son of the king of Moab, to curse the people of Israel. Balaam went with them and God was angry with Balaam. However, Balaam's heart proved that he went because of wrong motives in his heart. So, God used a donkey (ass) to put a stop to Balaam's plans (Num 22:21-41).

Rembrandt's Balaam's AssSo, how does Balaam's story relate to the video above in which Julius Malema showed his immense ineptitude with regards to social interaction with the press, and white people in general. There really is no comparison between Balaam and Malema. The comparison is more between Balaam's ass and Malema. Oh, right, there is no comparison there either, since Balaam's ass had more sense than Malema does!

Whereas Balaam's ass had the sense to know the presence of an angel and responding to the angel's directives, Julius Malema has no sense beyond the intense hate he has for anyone who differs from him, especially white people. To Malema everything is contained in the evil "revolution" that he continues to refer to. If it were possible, Malema would once again call for armed revolution. Of course, with less sense than an ass, I would not put it past him calling for the revival of the vicious and abominable armed struggle that the ANC led into the 1994 "democratic" elections.

It is with Malema at the helm of ANCYL that this country has returned to the widely outspoken hate, animosity and racism that existed in the pre-1994 years. This hateful racism that Malema so freely promotes cannot continue to simply fester. At some point that festering boil, fed by Malema's racistic rhetoric, must erupt in violent action that will be disastrous for this country, not to speak of the region that is already affected by Robert Mugabe's evil regime in Zimbabwe!

Malema's disrepect for Jonah Fisher, a BBC journalist, in the video above simply shows how his mind works, or doesn't work! His thinking is clearly muddled and he is simply a pawn in his own struggle for superiority, driven by the complete mediocrity of his own thinking processes. He has a mantra, and without that mantra he has nothing to say. All that Fisher said was, "You live in Sandton." Malema overbearing, over-the-top response to that innocuous statement displays more of Malema's character than the situation at hand. Malema is a weak coward who needs to intimidate to get his way, to prove his point. All that Malema can do is use his circular rhetoric to coerce, subdue and shout people down.

Killing by tyre necklaceJulius Malema, unlike Balaam's ass, cannot see the consequences of his grandiloquence and his beloved "kill the boer" song. Malema's rule is mob rule. THINKING NOT REQUIRED! How he can tell the other parties in Zimbabwe that they are "popcorn and mushrooming" parties is beyond me! The MDC has been in the struggle in Zim for a long time now while the tyrant, Mugabe, compromised elections with all kinds of election fraud and subverting the legal process. He tells them to go back to Zimbabwe and win. Is that in the same way that the ANC won on the ground in South Africa? By killing people that disagreed, through the use of tyre necklaces doused in petrol?

Malema forgets that his own ANC leaders did the same as the MDC leaders are doing now. The MDC comes to speak in South Africa for fear of their own lives in Zimbabwe. The ANC leaders did the same in places like London during their "struggle." The difference is that the MDC is not going underground in Zimbabwe killing people left and right that disagrees with them. This is what the ANC did! They killed their own people that disagreed as a form of intimidation. Malema obviously think that this is a good strategy.

What bothers me further about this incident inside the ANC' "revolutionary house," is that no other journalist stood up for Jonah Fisher. That should have sparked a mass walk-out of journalists. Every journalist in that room should have shown his/her discontent with Malema that day by a walk-out. Malema's platform for his moronic outbursts must be removed. He gets way too much time in the media, and with Malema's attitude towards journalists, I think it is time they ignore him. Malema only has a voice because he gets so much time in the media.

Maybe someone must organize a massive "Ignore Malema Month?"

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