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Monday, April 19, 2010

Mugabe plans to dispossess whites and foreigners in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean Chief Clown, Robert MugabeSo, Mugabe continues the revolution in Zimbabwe! The disHonourable Chief Clown of Zimbabwe (HCCZ) is pushing forward with a law that was signed and delivered in 2008, and came into effect on 1 March 2010. All foreign and white business owners had to present plans to the government by 15 April on how they proposed to give 51% of their companies to "black Zimbabweans" (bZs - code phrase for Mugabe's goons).

Apart from South Africa's utterly disrespectful chief clown, Julius Malema, who was named as the Sunday Times' Mampara of the Year, Mugabe is just as racist and non-thinking. Is Mugabe really thinking that when all the whites are out of Zimbabwe and all Zimbabwean land belongs to bZs, that he will have a governable country with prosperity and peace? HCCZ's idea is not simply to pass 51% of all companies into bZ hands. The ultimate aim is to eventually get rid of the white colonialists that made their lives a living hell. Oh, pardon, me! That is what HCCZ is doing right now!

HCCZ still has a deep-seated hatred for all whites and he will not stop until he eventually rids Zimbabwe of all of them. Zimbabwe has been an independent country now for 30 years. What has Mugabe and his goons done to the country? Instead of working hard with all the good infrastructure and farming expertise that they inherited from the "evil" colonialists, they have run the country into the ground, and from once being known as the "bread basket" of Africa, Zimbabwe is now simply another African basket case.

Julius Malema, Chief Clown of South AfricaWhen will these anti-white, black Africans like Julius Malema and Robert Mugabe learn that the solution is not the elimination of whites, but that all of us need to take hands for a better future in Africa. Almost every country in Africa that has kicked out the white colonialists from their countries have come to ruin. It is obviously not the solution.

Between M&M, there is a concerted effort to nationalize everything that is profitable and to give it to the "locals." However, we know that the locals will remain as they are. Under communism people remain poor. Things usually do not change under communism, except for the fact that oppression is added to the mix over everyone that does not follow the party mantra.

Will HCCZ come to his senses? Probably not in this lifetime! Will things get better in Zim after Mugabe is gone one day? It can only go better! Robert Thugabe has done his people a great disservice with his policies, and as a result they have suffered under his evil rule. This tyrant has done nothing but terrorize his people and he has driven them to starvation and economic ruin. May the day come soon when he will be removed from power!

21-04-2010 - Choosing Mugabe

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