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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

7 Reasons for Christian involvement in politics

Christians are forever between a rock and a hard place when it comes to politics. Should they be involved or should they limit it to voting alone? It isn't easy and many Christians muddy the water by playing the preaching of the gospel off against practical involvement in society. Of course the primary mandate of Christians is to preach the gospel of Christ to the nations, yet this mandate does not excuse us from being involved in society and politics. Being involved politically does not only mean standing for office. There are so many levels for involvement, from Christian action groups all the way to being president.

So, what reasons do we have for being involved in politics?
  1. For the glory of God: the only areas of life that Christians are barred from are those that practice sin by its nature (strippers, prostitutes, you get the idea). If our involvement in politics strives to give God glory, then there is no problem. The same applies in our daily employment.
  2. For the betterment of society: Christians are not a beleaguered group of cats in a dog's world. No, the Bible clearly instruct us to stand up for those who do not get justice. There are many ways to fight for a better society, and politics is one of those ways.
  3. True Christian values should inform politics: If all Christians stopped being involved in politics tomorrow, by the day after there simply will be no restraint upon a godless government and society to act justly.
  4. We need to constantly remind government concerning their role in society: Government is there to protect its citizens and to create an environment conducive to prosperity. Government is to be a terror to bad conduct, it is God's servant for our good and it carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer (Rom 13:3-4).
  5. For the enactment of just laws: How can a government know what are just laws if Christians are not involved in the process of politics? Of course, just laws are based on the objectivity of God and His ideas, not our own.
  6. To express our love for our neighbours: I know, there are many other ways to express our love for our neighbours, but why should politics be excluded from this list of ways. Many times our neighbours do not even have any idea of what the government is planning or what any new law may bring upon our country. We can stand in their stead to ensure a better and more just society.
  7. Stemming the tide: As the end draws closer, things are getting worse, and that is why we must stand our ground to stem the tide of evil in this world. Without Christians, society will revert to the hedonistic, orgie-like time of Rome before Christ.
So, I am sure you can think of more reasons for Christians to be involved in politics. Let me know in the comments section.

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