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Thursday, May 20, 2010

South African police do not take crime seriously

As I have said so many times on this blog before, the South African government just is not serious about fighting crime.

Once again, a high ranking police officer, Brigadier Phuntsi Chipu said that "South Africa was a safe country and that crime was not as big a problem as people thought." He also said, "It is safe, crime is everywhere in the world. It's no worse in South Africa." I don't know how this man can call South Africa safe and that South Africa is no worse than anywhere in the world. Maths is obviously not a qualification necessary to make it to brigadier in the South African Police Services. If in South Africa, we have 50 murders per 100,000 people (50/100,000) and in the U.S.A. it is 7/100,000, then by sheer mathematical "luck" I would say that South Africa's crime is seven (7) times worse than it is in America. Oh yes, it isn't mathematical "luck" but mathematical science!

I would like to see Chipu say that nonsense to the father of the little 1 year old girl that was punched up by a bunch of goons, or the 17 year old girl whose hands were cut off after she was murdered, or to the old lady that was brutally attacked and left for dead.

Crime in South Africa, being a very harsh reality, has become a political play-ball, with only the ANC and its incompetent leaders being able to kick the ball. I am sorry to say this, but with ignorant incompetent fools such as Brigadier Chipu, the ANC must truly believe that South Africans are idiots to believe the garbage that they continue to feed South Africans regarding crime in this country! On the one hand the facts tell us that crime, especially murder, is rampant in South Africa, and on the other hand we have the ANC government and its uneducated cronies that keep on telling us that crime isn't that bad! It is one thing to rewrite history decades after the facts, but to manipulate the unfolding of history so blatantly as it happens is disingenuous.

If the South African government was really serious about crime, then incompetent, uninformed officers such as Chipu in our police services would be given the boot, or at least removed from the public eye. Chipu's subordinates (we can only surmise that they are less educated than him), as a result of ill-informed statements such as he has made, will obviously not do their best to curb crime in this country!

With the SWC2010 coming to South Africa in June, do comments by our police inspire confidence in the safety of soccer spectators coming to this country? They shouldn't!

Will the government or our police services do anything about Chipu's statement? Don't bet on it!

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