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Sunday, May 23, 2010

South African Muslims depressed about Mohammed cartoon

Before some misguided judge rules that M&G cartoonist, Zapiro, must remove the cartoon in question, here it is:


Of course, Muslims all over South Africa are in uproar about a very innocent cartoon. The problem with Muslims is that they do not feel at peace if they are not outraged about something. Cartoonist Jonathan “Zapiro” Shapiro said that Muslims are a "people who want to be outraged."

One would swear that Mohammed is a god, but we all know he isn't, wasn't and never will be. He wasn't even holy while alive! The man was a pedophile, murderer and thief. He was simply a prophet of carnage, war and slavery.

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Unknown said...

in Islam were not allowed to draw faces because it's like idolizing them and Islam is strict monotheism and we don't believe Mohammad peace be upon him is god maybe next time you should see the entire picture before saying something

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