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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Government in dereliction of its duties

We keep on reading in the newspapers of armed robberies. Early on Tuesday, 20 January, an armed gang of robbers entered the Irene Village Mall, our favourite place to go watch movies, and robbed several stores.

ACDP Tshwane councillor AnneMarie Sparg says that "[t]he basic job of any government is to protect its citizens." This is demonstrably true. A simple look at South Africa's Constitution can bear that out.

The Bill of Rights, chapter 2 of our Constitution, in section 7 (2) says:

"The state must respect, protect, promote and fulfil the rights in the Bill of Rights."
Now that we have established that the Constitution makes it mandatory for the government, which in this case essentially is the ANC, to "protect, promote and fulfill" the contents of the Bill of Rights, it becomes easy to show that the ANC majority government of South Africa is in serious dereliction of duty!

The Bill of Rights, in section 12 (1)(d) states:
"Everyone has the right to freedom and security of the person, which includes the right... (c) to be free from all forms of violence from either public or private sources."
With the government's duty to "protect, promote and fulfill" the Bill of Rights, the fact is that they are not fulfilling their duties as described in the Bill of Rights. Whatever is claimed by the government in this regard, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and I am sad to say that there are too many people that end up as the main meal on the table of crime!

The fact that the Scorpions have seen their own demise, at the hands of this ANC government, due to their great successes against crime, shows how "serious" the government really is about crime. Further, the closure of so many different units within the police, also speak volumes of the intentions of the government.

We should give credit where credit is due, and the credit for our high crime rate MUST go to the current government!

Since this government is such a dismal failure on so many fronts, with crime as the spearhead, it is time South African citizens start thinking with their heads and not simply accept all the vacuous promises of a party like the ANC!

The statistics speak for themselves:
"More people were killed in South Africa each year (1994-1999) in criminal violence than were killed in 13 years of political violence (23 758 from 9/84 to 12/97)." (Quoted in Biblical Democracy Review from the book, Biblical Democracy)
This government will also remain in power while Christians are more concerned with skin colour or immediate material benefit, whether they are white or black! Christians should stand up for truth, justice and morality! We do not have any mandate from the Lord to keep immoral politicians from immoral parties in government!

Vote for the ANC, and you side against God! The ANC has immoralized this country close to the point of no return. They are the ones who brought in abortion, pornography and legitimized homosexuality (Rom 1:18-32) by giving them the right to marry. It is under the watchful negligent eye of the ANC that crime rates shot up sky high.

As Christians, what are you to do come election day? In my opinion, make your cross next to the ACDP! You do not want to make your decision based on worldly values that are here today and gone tomorrow!

No, as a Christian you are mandated by the Scriptures to make your decisions based on Scripture and Scripture alone. That is what it means to have a Christian worldview. With that as your guide, visit the SA Voter's Guide and decide which party holds up to the measuring rod of Scripture. The African Christian Democratic Party!

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