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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rights leading to death

When a culture no longer has an objective standard like the Bible, and no authority like Jesus Christ to teach them what is right, it will eventually lead to each man unto himself, or in modern parlance, claiming one's "rights."

Dr. Al Mohler writes:

"Fast-forward to 2008 and rights talk is, if anything, even more ingrained in the American character. Battles over competing and conflicting assertions of rights now emerge over some of the hottest and most contentious issues of the day. When we have run out of other arguments, all we have left is to assert that what we demand is, after all, only our right.

"Is there an end-game to all this? Well, in one sense we can see evidence of the end game in a recent article published in Great Britain. Writing in The Guardian [London], Simon Jenkins argues that the right to end one's life on one's own terms is basic to humanity, and that only 'religious primitivism' stands in the way of cultural acceptance and legal approval for assisted suicide."
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