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Friday, January 16, 2009

Palestine vs Israel

The Philistines are upon us!

HT: Moonbattery

"The Palestinians in general have perfected the art of using civilians as human shields for the last thirty years because they know and understand how the West thinks and how the media works and what drives ratings. I personally was used as a human shield by them during the war in Lebanon. The Palestinians used to park their rocket launchers in front of my bomb shelter where my family hid with three other families including 9 children. I was the oldest. They used to shell Israel and then drive away knowing that when Israel responds to the target, we would get hit, hopefully die, and we would make great pictures on the evening news representing dead civilians while Israel would be vilified. Here we are 30 years later and nothing has changed. They have just gotten better at it and the Western press has continued to buy this cruel Palestinian charade."
Continue reading A Petition to the U.N. on Hamas’s Crimes...

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