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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nomination for chairman of Pikoli ad hoc committee is a criminal

Advocate Pikoli, the previous head of the South African National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), has to sit under the judgement of an ad-hoc committee that may be chaired by a criminal! This criminal is a member of parliament (MP).

After being found in the possession of a stolen car, Mr Monareng was found guilty of trying to bribe a police officer. Being an MP he would have been investigated by the NPA, clearly making this a conflict of interests.

Once again the ANC has proven to the rest of South Africa that their words on fighting crime have no meaning. How in the world can a criminal be the chairman of a committee that is supposed to investigate the fitness of a person who is supposed to head a criminal investigating unit? How can a constitution be so messed up that it allows criminals to be members of parliament.

Truly this is a banana republic led by the morally obtuse!

Read more from "ACDP objects to nomination of chairperson of Parliamentary Ad Hoc Committee on Pikoli decision", an ACDP press release.

Mr. Monareng was indeed voted in as co-chair of the ad-hoc committee. The minutes of the meeting where he was selected as co-chair can be found here.

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