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Friday, May 15, 2009

"Cut abstinence funding, but keep funding the murder of babies"

Let's be brutally honest: No sex: no babies, no sexually transmitted diseases! Case closed!

But, why, oh, why are people so against funding abstinence programs in schools? To any sane person with at least one brain cell, it is quite evident that the only preventative measure that can work, and this can be deduced even before going through all kinds of testing, is abstinence! Of course, those that do not think abstinence works, must also believe that we are pollinated like flowers by the birds and the bees! That, of course, explains why so many liberals have unwanted children that they consequently murder through abortion!

The real problem that liberals have with abstinence is not that abstinence does not work. Their problem with abstinence is one of morality. They will not give up their heinous evil, because then they also have to agree that they are living immoral lives. Once they admit this, they also have to admit there is a God that they are accountable to, which they would not do, even to the point of death!

It is because of this deep-seated hate for God, and all things good and moral, that liberals will go out of their way to prove that abstinence programs do not work. Of course, programs do not work as well as the real thing. Programs of education can only be as effective as the belief in the program, of the one who teaches it! If the teachers that are supposed to teach abstinence are not convinced of the program, they certainly will not teach it with confidence and will definitely not create any confidence in abstinence by the students.

As a result, liberals have done some "research" some time ago and apparently have "proven" that abstinence programs do not work. The problem with this was that their test suite for abstinence programs was not the same as for their own comprehensive sex education in classes. Therefore, they compared apples and rotten eggs!

Now, on top of that, the Obamassiah, the One, wants to stop funding for abstinence programs. Of course, there was an uproar about this, as is only right! The White House responded to this uproar with its usual sugar-coated venom! The White House response:

"In the budget, 75 percent of funding in a new teenage pregnancy prevention program will be directed to programs that have demonstrated by rigorous research to prevent teen pregnancy. The rest of the funds will be directed to promising, but not yet proven, programs for which we have some indication that they achieve the goal of teen pregnancy prevention. Those programs would have to agree to participate in a rigorous evaluation and abstinence-only programs could qualify."

"Abstinence-only programs could qualify?" To quote my opening line: "No sex: no babies, no sexually transmitted diseases! Case closed!"

Researcher Stan Weed, in a congressional briefing, has shown "that not a single school-based comprehensive sex education curricula had compelling evidence for increasing consistent condom use." Further, Doug Kirby, a major proponent of comprehensive sex education and researcher on sex education issues, said that:

"the Mathematica study, which was commissioned by Congress and found abstinence education lacking, should not be used to determine the effectiveness of abstinence education. Huber expressed hope that the Obama administration would take a closer look at the most recent evidence, rather than relying on outdated data such as what was used in the Mathematica report."

The question, of course is, will the Obama administration be honest in dealing with this, or will it carry on in its path of providing every means to continue the moral downgrade of the American people, especially of the children?

Obama has already proven one point, he wants the murder of the unborn to continue, and he has made funding available worldwide to accomplish this "dream" of his! What are the chances that abstinence programs will continue in American schools? According to Obama's own track record, probably not great!

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