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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

South Africa can become a haven for sex traffickers!

I received the following newsletter from the Family Policy Institute.

It would be wise to read it and to start writing into newspapers in our battle against the legalization of all kinds of evil in this country. We already have open abortion laws, legalization of pornography and homosexual "marriage." We must do our utmost to stop the legalization of prostitution.

Legalised Prostitution Will Remove Barriers to
Sex Traffickers & International Crime Syndicates in SA!

The deceptive and morally reprehensible agenda to decriminalise prostitution in South Africa has a powerful ally in the secular liberal media establishment.

On Friday 15 May E-Newschannel Anchor Andrew Barnes conducted a 10 minute live interview with SWEAT representative Eric Harper on decriminalising prostitution in SA.

Tragically, the entire interview was overtly sympathetic to SWEAT's views on prostitution.

More worrying however, was the deliberate exclusion of an alternative viewpoint being expressed on an issue of critical importance to all South Africans.

Eric Harper was allowed to attack those who opposed the decriminalisation of prostitution with impunity referring to them as "knee jerk moralizers" and "having their heads in the sand".

A recent survey revealed that 79% of South Africans oppose decriminalised prostitution.

I immediately sent an e-mail to E-Newschannel challenging their biased reporting which essentially amounted to censorship of the views of the vast majority of SA citizens.

Ten minutes later I received a telephone call inviting me to participate in a live debate from their C.T. studios with Vivienne Lalu of SWEAT. (Ms Lalu was already in their JHB studios).

As it turned out, E-Newschannel arranged two separate interviews with SWEAT on the same day without bothering to invite a single representative to express an opposing viewpoint.

The live debate at 7:30pm on Friday 15 May was clearly biased in favour of SWEAT. I was interrogated about the integrity of my research, while Ms Lalu's claims were accepted without question. This is clearly a violation of the journalistic code of ethics.

The print media are no better. Eighty percent of reporting on the Law Reform Commission's Discussion Paper on Adult Prostitution contained comments from SWEAT or organisations in favour of decriminalisation while a few paragraphs are provided for an opposing viewpoint.

I appeal to the Christian Media in South Africa to expose the blackout of the truth about prostitution by regularly broadcasting interviews and debates on this critical issue.

The Daily Telegraph reported (18 May) that ILLEGAL brothels are exploding across Sydney amid accusations all levels of government are doing little to drive them out of business.

It's been claimed "tough" new laws have failed to prevent unprotected sex, slavery and corruption. An investigation by The Daily Telegraph has revealed illegal brothels and escort services outnumber licensed establishments by four to one and the gap is growing.

Click here to read the full article on the website

This is happening despite prostitution being legalised in Australia. Remarkably, this is the same argument SWEAT uses to advance its theory that decriminalisation will solve our problems.

South Africa's liberal media refuses to acknowledge and report on the hundreds of warnings emanating from across the world about the dangers of global sex trafficking including the explosion of child prostitution and organised crime in nations that legalised prostitution.

Decriminalising prostitution will throw open the doors to pimps and gangs & will remove barriers to crime syndicates & international sex traffickers to operate with impunity in SA.

As a result of widespread media bias, I need your help to get our message heard across the nation that decriminalising prostitution in SA is the equivalent of national social suicide.

FPI has compiled a fact based summary of key points detailing the dangers of decriminalising prostitution in South Africa. Please see attachments at the foot of this e-mail.

Please pass on this information to every Christian or Christian organisation you know.

Standing (Eph 6:13)

Errol Naidoo

Myths and Facts about Decriminalization of Prostitution.docx (14K)
Prostitution - fact based summary.doc (79K)
Dangers of Legalised Prostitution.docx (17K)

For those who do not have Microsoft Office 2007 (MS Word 2007), you may not be able to read the two .docx files as they are new formats from version 2007. However, if you use the free OpenOffice 3.0, you will be able to read these documents. If you do not have OpenOffice, I have taken the liberty to convert these two documents to standard .doc files (Myths and Facts about Decriminalization of Prostitution.doc and Dangers of Legalised Prostitution.doc).

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