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Thursday, May 14, 2009

ANC cannot take defeat

The ANC's true colours keep showing up, and the truth of the matter is that their colours are certainly not that of the rainbow. In fact, its getting darker by the day!

Since DA leader, Helen Zille, has taken up office as the premier of the Western Cape, ANCYL (the ANC kiddie squad, umm, sorry, Youth League) and the MKMVA (the ANC gun squad and former military wing veterans, Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association) have had much to say about Zille.

Zille, as new premier of the Western Cape, has the right to put together the province's new cabinet, and so she has. But, according to the brats of the ANC ANCYL and others, the cabinet is too white and too male. Maybe national parliament and the cabinets of the other provinces are too black and too female, but we won't go there, since disagreement with this demi-god, ANC, means to be racist! Of course, that is how the ANC, since 1994, gets out of trouble from accusations of incompetence, etc. Call the accuser a racist!

Putting together a cabinet, is not the same as putting together a soccer, rugby or cricket squad! It is not the local country club! It has much greater importance than that! And it certainly has greater importance than the vindictive, racist policies of the ANC. The good of the nation, and of the Western Province, is of greater importance than keeping to an ANC set quota of blacks, whites and female.

The reason why so many departments in national and provincial governments are run so badly, several with deep rooted corruption, is exactly because the ANC still keeps to silly little quotas, as if they are putting together a balanced diet of food. If the best person for the job is not given the job, it cannot be expected to work out in the end.

Some rude comments have been made about Zille by the ANC for her strong white, male cabinet. They said that Zille put her boyfriends and concubines in the cabinet. Of course, that is the level of the rhetoric of ANCYL and their like. They don't deal with facts or logic, just simple slurs. What these people say about Zille and others point more to their own psychological make-up than it says anything about Zille. It shows a deep-seated immaturity and lack of social acuity.

The ANC's ex-military wing, MKMVA, apparently now a veteran's organization, has promised that they would render the Western Cape ungovernable if Zille does not retract a true statement about our new president, Jacob Zuma. A couple of years ago Zuma faced rape charges by a girl that is HIV positive. Stupidly, moronically and immorally, he had sex with someone not his wife. On top of this, the young lady is HIV positive, and he knew about her disease. His solution to having sex with the girl? He had a good shower after his immoral deed. So, how has this anything to do with Zille? She merely spoke the truth! Zuma has several wives. At last count it was 3 or 4 or ? Zille said that by having sex with the girl he put all his wives at risk with the same disease. Of course, this says a lot about the man, Zuma, and the people that voted for him!

MKMVA, a terrorist veteran's organization, wants Zille to retract this statement or they will render the Western Cape ungovernable!

The fact that these ex-soldiers are willing to mobilise, makes it very clear that they have not laid down their arms yet. The question of course is, where have they been involved with their mobilization otherwise? Are they the ones that are spearheading the criminal activity in this country, such as the 3047 farm murders? Are they the heavy handed ones in this country, just like the ex-terrorists have been in Zimbabwe?

The ANC are bad losers, and if this is a foreshadowing of their actions the day they lose a national election, then this country is really in for a difficult time. It is quite obvious that the ANC believes in democracy only as long as they win elections!

We'll have to wait and see!

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