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Friday, May 15, 2009

"Gay gene" remains a myth

"Folks, the homosexual activist movement and its fellow travelers have gotten a ton of propaganda mileage out of the 'gay gene' myth, despite the lack of confirming research. Meanwhile, many who are liberal (or just ignorant) on this issue continue to assert that genetic homosexuality is a scientific fact, and the media play along due to laziness or bias. The same people, of course, are not swayed by the reality of contented 'ex-gays' — men and women who once identified as 'gay' but have left homosexuality behind. In fact, they often deny their existence. We welcome this step in the right direction from the decidedly pro-homosexual American Psychological Association. — Peter LaBarbera."

The "gay gene," I am happy to say, remains a myth. The American Psychological Association has backtracked on its previous claims that being gay is genetic.

Continue reading about it here.

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