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Friday, May 15, 2009

Plan to give your comments to the SALRC on adult prostitution in South Africa

The Family Policy Institute has released the following concerning the S. A. Law Reform Commission's release of their discussion paper on adult prostitution for public comment:

S. A. Law Reform Commission Releases Discussion Paper on Adult Prostitution for Public Comment

The South African Law Reform Commission will be hosting workshops around the country to discuss law reform with regard to Adult Prostitution. 

The purpose of the workshop is to discuss the proposals contained in the discussion paper on Sexual Offences: Adult Prostitution and to focus on law reform initiatives in this regard.

The discussion paper is heavily weighted in favour of decriminalising prostitution despite research revealing this policy will be catastrophic for corruption riddled South Africa

SWEAT and other anti-family groups have been lobbying hard to decriminalize prostitution in South Africa to advance their own nefarious agendas despite overwhelming public opposition.

I appeal to all pro-family groups, Churches and Para-church organizations to attend a workshop in their areas to defend the dignity of women and the integrity of the family.

The workshops are the first step in formulating policy to amend the Sexual Offences Act

Family Policy Institute will be lobbying for the criminalisation of the entire sex industry with particular focus on arresting & prosecuting men who solicit and buy sex.

FPI will also provide solutions to get women and girls of the streets and into sustainable rehabilitation programmes that will restore their human dignity.

I have compiled an easy to read summary of several key points explaining why prostitution must not be decriminalised or legalised in South Africa.

You need to be equipped with this vital information to help bolster your arguments against decriminalising or legalising prostitution.

Please download and print the attached documents at the foot of this e-mail and use as a handy reference tool at the workshop

The Commission will consider inputs made and use insights gained during the deliberations in drafting its report on Sexual Offences: Adult Prostitution and its final recommendations to the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Development.

That is why it is vital that pro-family groups attend and submit their recommendations!

Please respond immediately there are only 100 places available at each workshop!

The workshops will be conducted in

Pretoria on 19 May 2009             please srvp before 18 May 2009

Johannesburg on 26 May 2009   please rsvp before 18 May 2009

Cape Town on 28 May 2009        please rsvp before 20 May 2009

Durban on 2 June 2009               please rsvp before 28 May 2009

Mokopane on 11 June 2009        please rsvp before 3 June 2009

Nelspruit on 18 June 2009          please rsvp before 10 June 2009

Mmabatho on 23 June 2009       please rsvp before 15 June 2009

Kimberley 25 June 2009             please rsvp before 16 June 2009

Port Elizabeth 30 June 2009     
please rsvp before 22 June 2009

Kindly rsvp by immediately requesting an invitation to a workshop in your area. Fax it to 086 686 39938 or 086 681 7274 or mail it to capienaar@justice.gov.za, or dclark@justice.gov.za or napillay@justice.gov.za. You may also contact Ms Pillay by telephone (012) 392 9571/40.

The Commission will provide light refreshments for lunch. Workshop participants will be responsible for their own transport and accommodation.

A copy of the Discussion Paper is available on request from the Law Reform Commission or may be accessed on the Law Reform Commission's website at: http://salawreform.justice.gov.za. Some copies of the discussion paper and summaries thereof will be made available at the workshop.

Please take a stand against the sexual exploitation of women and children in South Africa!

Standing (Eph:6:13)
Errol Naidoo

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