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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Abstinence Sex Ed Works

Zip it up!Who would have thought?

In a tiny piece called Abstinence Sex Ed Works in the TIME magazine of 15 February 2010 in The World: 10 Essential Stories section on page 9, it is reported that, well, abstinence sex-ed works!

According to a study that was recently published in the Archives of Pediatric Adolescent Medicine:

"abstinence-only sex-education programs proved more effective in encouraging teens to delay having sex than more comprehensive school programs that include information about safe sex and contraceptive options."

This study even prompted Obama's administration to perhaps start giving more funds for programs such as these. Essentially the message is "Zip it up and keep your pants on!"

Does anybody find it strange that all kinds of expensive research needs to be done to show the obvious. Common Sense indeed has died! Who would have thought that comprehensive sex-ed programs would actually encourage teens to delay having sex? Certainly not the conservatives! Definitely the liberals... but, oh yes, the liberals want the teens to have more sex, do they not? They are the ones who want younger and younger children to experience freedom in making their own choices without adult interference. It is the liberals that have created a culture of perversion and death in the West.

How have they created a culture of perversion? This is quite simple. They have been fighting for ever increasing liberal sexual laws since at least the 60's with its sexual revolting revolution. They have pushed for all kinds of sexual deviancy, especially for the "outing" of homosexuals. What's next? Polygamy? Bestiality like in Sweden? The problem with a revolution is that it is never enough. Revolutionaries can never get enough. They do not know when to stop. They are the ones who have lost all sense of morality, and that which they have will change tomorrow, because they have no sure foundation--such as the Bible--on which to base their morality. They are the ones who have rejected the God of the Bible and have made little "gods" in their own image. Little gods with whom they can continue their perverted sexual revolution. Even now, they are promoting their perversions in the schools through men like Obama's "safe schools czar," Kevin Jennings. Who will Jennings make schools safe for? Homesexuals? What about keeping these perversions away from children who would prefer not to be sullied by this immoral lifestyle?

How have liberals created a culture of death? Why, through their fight for abortion, the willful killing of another human being. Don't be fooled into thinking the argument is about "choice!" "Choice" is simply the pro-abortion movement's euphemism for abortion, which itself is a euphemism for the murder of pre-born babies. A woman has the choice to do with her body what she wants, as long as she keeps that choice limited to her own body. The baby is not a part of the woman's body, and therefore the woman has no rights over the life of the baby. Abortion is simply the modern version of child sacrifice to the god of convenience, which these liberals will worship to the point of death; not their own, but the death of defenseless babies. Of course, the abortion-mill market goes hand in hand with the push for free sex. No free-sex, no unwanted babies, no abortions, no money!

Liberals have also pushed towards legalized euthanasia--assisted suicide--in their promotion of the culture of death. I wrote about the issue of euthanasia in an article entitled Killing people using euphemisms back in April of 2005, so I will not touch much on this issue here. "
Many claim that a person should be able to decide when he wants to die by which method. Physical illness affects the mind and the body. As a result, these stressful situations always lead to difficulty in coming to a well-adjusted decision. Patients may one day want to die and another day want to live. Which day will be reckoned as his final decision?"

Coming back to sex-ed, the problem with comprehensive safe-sex education is that sex is the fuel for more sex. Whether it is called safe-sex or something else, sex becomes a fuel that drives itself further and further until it becomes impossible to give it up. Taking into consideration the mindset of teens, it will not be easy to get them to stop once they have engrossed themselves into lives of free sex. Soon, so-called safe-sex will become unprotected sex which will lead to STDs and unwanted babies and abortions.

Abstinence education doesn't have anything to prove in reality. No sex, no STDs, no unexpected babies! Does the education work? Yes, if educationists are willing to try! The reason why liberals do not think that it can work is that they really do believe that humans are just more evolved animals which should give in to their animal urges. According to them, it is unnatural to go against those urges. If we continue to treat our young people as if they are just a bunch of animals, should we really be surprised if they act like they are?

Rather, we should treat our children as the moral human beings that they are, with dignity, and teach them that it really is possible to control those sexual urges that are sinful outside of marriage, because it really is possible. We are not animals, but beings with great moral capabilities, if only we will surrender to the God who created us with those capabilities, Jesus Christ!

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