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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

With all due disrespect Mr. Zuma, you are not worthy to be president!

Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa has now shown conclusively that he is not worth being called president, even if the ANC received 60+% of the vote in South Africa's last election in 2009. From being a terrorist liberation organization to one that fronts despicable, corrupt and immoral men as its own and South Africa's leader, it seems to me that the ANC and Zuma are simply par for the course! The ANC does as the ANC does! Nothing has changed since pre-1994! A leopard can't change its spots!

It has come to light that South Africa's despised revered president has fathered an illegitimate child with a friend's adult daughter. This is his twentieth child! This is the same man who slept with a girl a couple of years ago while corruption charges against him were still being investigated.

What was Zuma thinking? Was he thinking? Zuma is already a polygamist according to his Zulu culture. If he hadn't divorced one and another died, he would've had five wives. As a man with three wives, he still goes around having sex with other women. Polygamy is simply a way of cheating on your wife. Zuma is very clearly hiding behind the it's-my-culture claim to legitimize his polygamy and philandering! This man cannot keep his zip up! His immorality is astounding. His corruption unequaled! To what lengths will this man go to drag the name of South Africa through the mud? At least Bill Clinton tried to hide what he had done with that woman, Monica Lewinsky! Not our Jacob Zuma! His motto is: "I can, so I will!" And so he did! And he flaunts it too! "Look dudes! Three wives and a bunch of chicks! I think I've worn out my zipper!"

That is NOT the kind of president we want to represent US before the world! Mr. President, you are a scumbag! Oh, yes, you do not even use condoms! Is that below your status as a Zulu man? This man does not engender pride in the hearts of thinking South Africans. He brings feelings of shame, disgust and horror that such a person could be our president. Respect! No, Mr. President, respect is earned and you have squandered that opportunity! Disrespect is what you have earned, and heaps of it! Zuma had the opportunity to prove everybody wrong about him after he became president. Yet, through his own actions he has proven us all right. He should not have been the president.

"(2) When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan...
(4) By justice a king builds up the land, but he who exacts gifts tears it down...
(27) An unjust man is an abomination to the righteous, but one whose way is straight is an abomination to the wicked.
(Proverbs 29: 2, 4, 27 ESV)

The response by the ANC is also simply par for the course. ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said:

"Why should a relationship between two adults be made an issue?... Why should it make headlines? Why is it characterised by some media as a 'shame to the nation'?... There is nothing wrong that the president has done. There is nothing 'shameful' when two adults have a relationship... By being involved with any other person, President Zuma is not guilty of any offence and he has not breached our constitution or any of our laws."

The fact is that this relationship is not just between any adults, it is between the president of our nation and some woman! What the president does has an impact on the people of this nation and on the world's perception of this nation! When the president does not bother to live an upstanding, moral life, why should anyone else in the nation care to do so? It is exactly because of this that the HIV infection rate in South Africa is the highest in the world and that South Africa also has the highest per capita occurrence of rape in the world! We can conclusively say that South Africa is one of the most immoral nations in the world! That, Mr. President, is SHAMEFUL, and you are at the forefront of that drive to deeper depths of immoral behaviour! May God have mercy on your soul and that of the people of this once great nation!

Every time someone dear to the ANC is caught in some expression of a severe character flaw, they claim that that person "has not breached our constitution or any of our laws," as Jackson Mthembu claimed for the anti-president, Jacob Zuma. The ANC has no sense of morality, especially not a Biblical, eternal morality as defined by God. They have a very convenient morality. A morality based on whatever is expedient for the moment.

ACDP president, Rev. Kenneth Meshoe said in a media release from his office:

"We find this unacceptable for a head of State not to take morality seriously and set a bad example, particularly for young men in the country. South Africa needs leaders who are morally upright and accountable... We believe President Zuma needs counseling and sex addiction therapy, as was recommended for Tiger Woods who has a similar problem of sleeping around."

Although I agree with Kenneth Meshoe's sentiments, I think he has it wrong. "Sex addiction" is not a psychological problem, it is a moral problem. It is a sin problem. The remedy for Zuma's sex-lust is not psycho-babble-therapy, but surrendering to Christ and repentance from his life of abject immorality. Zuma will not find help in "sex addiction" therapy--modern western culture--nor will he find it in Zulu culture. It is only in Jesus Christ that he can find refuge! May God's kindness lead Jacob Zuma to repentance! (Rom 2:4) It is as John Scott wrote, sex addiction therapy is usually "only for people whose wives (like Mrs Tiger Woods) regard their husbands' promiscuity as wrong. Mrs Zuma and Mrs Zuma and Mrs Zuma obviously don't mind, and Mr Zuma doesn't mind either, thank you very much." Is this also part of Zulu culture, or is this attitude from the Zuma wives simply due to the expediency of being set for life without having to work! Morality! Obviously not required!

I agree with the Reverend Theunis Botha, leader of the Christian Democratic Party, a member of the CDA who called for Zuma to resign for the good of the country.

Zuma has shown himself as irresponsible in his actions as it undermines the so-called African Renaissance which supposedly was to bring a higher moral standard to South Africa. Of course, this Renaissance has a "DNS"--Did Not Start--next to its name in the race of life, and Zuma and the ANC's attitude to issues such as these are making sure that this drunken lust will bring great ruin upon South Africa.

Now, something a little light-hearted:
Please listen to the 30 second sound clip below!

What did you hear? Are you sure? Actually, what you heard is Father's Day at Jacob Zuma's home!

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