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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Photography: 21 Steps to Perfect Photos

My friend and photographer, Wayne Turner, who also studied with me at Bible college is a photographer of note. Apart from just being a photographer, he has also written books on photography, is a guest lecturer and also mentors photographers using the one-to-one approach. I seriously need him for that. Just a pity he lives 1600Km (1000mi) from me!

Wayne has a website called "21 Steps to Prefect Photos." At this website you can sign up for his free 10 day eCourse via an email subscription. For 10 days you will receive emails containing tips on photography from Wayne. From this website you can also order his newest book called 21 Steps to Perfect Photos. In this book you get assignments to do using your camera even from the introduction of the book. You will further get tips and things to look out for. All in all, if you would like to get into photography, it would seriously be worth your while to get this book. Last but not least, Wayne can also be found on Facebook.

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