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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The dark side of human trafficking: children!

When we think of human trafficking, most would instinctively think of adult women being smuggled across Eastern European borders to pimp them in other countries under the false pretense of a better life.

However, there is a darker side to human trafficking, and that is that children are being abducted and suckered into lives of dependency on hard drugs, and in order to get their next fix, they have to have sex with despicable perverts that are many times "honoured" businessmen in the community. (Another reason why a person's private life speaks to his character and suitability to be a leader in the community) Many times these poor girls and women are gang raped by their "masters" if they try to escape.

The video below shows how in 2005 the police got in contact with a 16-year old girl who was in just such a situation, and how they went in search of her 14-year old sister and resultant raids.

Unfortunately this video, called Operation Priscilla - South Africa, cannot be embedded and so I can only provide a link. I will still try to embed it, but if it doesn't work, just click on the link above.

The question of course is, if it was this bad back in 2005, how bad is it really now? With the many sex perverts coming to South African shores expecting to be "serviced" by these girls during the 2010 Soccer World Cup, how many children and women do not need to be rescued from these satanic handlers.

Read about STOP (Stop Trafficking Of People) and their campaign to combat human trafficking.

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