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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Helen Zille hypocritical about DA sex-scandal

Just a few weeks ago the news broke that Jacob Zuma fathered yet another child out of wedlock. The whole nation was, and still is, in uproar about the South African president that simply cannot keep his pants up. The DA, the official opposition, especially gunned for Zuma because of his many "indiscretions," which by the way are just pure sinful!

Now, it has come to light that the MEC in the Western Cape for Community Safety, Lennit Max, had an extra-marital affair. Now, suddenly, this extra-marital affair is a "private" matter as opposed to Zuma's "public" matter. I fail to see how Zille can see a difference between these two cases. Zille said, "An extra-marital affair between consenting adults in private is not a matter that can be regulated by a political party, the state or the media." Zille has a very pragmatic approach, "If it does not have negative public consequences, such an affair is a private matter that is the concern of the participants, their families, their God and their church."

The problem with Zille's approach is that this so-called "affair between consenting adults in private" is the same between the Zuma and Max cases. Both were between consenting adult in private. Just because Max's sin does not have so-called public consequences does not make it right or acceptable. As with Zuma, Max does not just represent himself but the people of the Western Cape. They are the people who pay his salary. What he does in private has bearing on his public persona. What is done is private is very indicative of character, because it is there that the true person comes to the fore. A person of bad or immoral character is not fit for public service, because that tarnished character will one day cause irreparable harm to the people that are being represented.

Acts of immorality done in secret don't become the "new" morality simply because it is a private matter. Immorality is pervasive, like yeast in bread, or milk in coffee. If our public morality is not based on the solid foundation of the Bible, then we are indeed on shifting sands and before we know it all kinds of immorality will be enshrined in our law books. Oh, wait, they are already enshrined in the law books, abortion, pornography and gay marriage. 

Helen Zille must show that she indeed has a moral backbone and that she needs to get rid of Lennit Max. We must insist that people of high moral standards are our leaders. Nothing less will do!

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