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Thursday, February 04, 2010

"Don't criticize me, I am the Prez!" says Zuma

Zuma acts like the devil!Yesterday I wrote about the despicable behaviour of the un-president, Jacob Zuma, in my post, "With all due disrespect Mr. Zuma, you are not worthy to be president!". As a result of the controversy stirred up by Zuma's actions, the newspapers have jumped on this issue. But Zuma, again making claims of cultural beliefs involved in his philandering, immoral lifestyle said that he has made the relevant cultural reparations to the family of the woman that he had illicit sex with that produced a child. So, what he is saying is have sex, make reparations; have sex, make reparations; hav... Mr. Zuma... No! No Mr...! If you have respect for someone you use the title Mr.! Mr. Zuma, has no moral fibre; in fact, morality is null and void in his mind, is it not?

On this matter Zuma, in a media statement from his office, said:

"I have done the necessary cultural imperatives in a situation of this nature, for example the formal acknowledgement of paternity and responsibility, including the payment of inhlawulo to the family. The matter is now between the two of us, and culturally, between the Zuma and Khoza families."

When will publicly elected officials such as presidents realize that while they are in their elected term of service, they do not have privacy like other citizens. The president is not just an individual that happens to be elected as president. When the president is sworn in, he promises to devote himself "to the well-being of the republic and all of its people." Jacob Zuma, as the elected president of South Africa represents South Africa and its people, and not the ANC or Zulu culture. During his time in his service to this country as president he must behave and conduct himself in all things--including his so-called private life--in such a way to promote the best image of South Africa to the world. After he finishes his service to South Africa he can do what he wants, but while he serves as president, and being paid by the people of this country, he needs to conduct himself without any serious misconduct for which he may be removed from his office as president. As president, Jacob Zuma must promote "the unity of the nation and that which will advance the Republic." By living as if his private life and presidential life are separate, and through his repeated sexual misconduct he is definitely NOT promoting "the unity of the nation and that which will advance the Republic." This matter is not just between the Zuma and Khoza families, this matter is between Zuma and the people that he represents, whose name he is continually dragging through the mud! BTW, Zuma said that he made the necessary reparations to the family according to his culture, but why does he not just keep his pants on? Then no reparations would be necessary!

The media statement continues:

"It is unfortunate that the individuals concerned have been unfairly subjected to harsh media exposure merely because of the position that I occupy. Our Constitution and our laws require us to protect children from harmful public exposure. The Constitution states that it is inappropriate to place at risk, the child’s well-being, physical or mental health, spiritual, moral or social development."

What?! Zuma wants to blame the media for the exposure that Sonono Khoza and the baby are getting? That is truly disingenuous! It seems like Zuma's hamster has vacated its offices. Did Zuma really think that he could do anything without the media scrutinizing those actions? It may be great to be president in South Africa, thinking that people should treat you like a Zulu king, but no, there is a dark side that comes with being president. RESPONSIBILITY! Zuma planted the seed--pun intended--and now he must watch it grow, with everything that goes with being president. Just because Zuma is a Zulu does not mean he will get a "Skip Media Scrutiny" card in his little monopoly game. Again Zuma calls upon the constitution to shift blame away from his own actions. By claiming, according to the constitution, that it "is inappropriate to place at risk, the child’s well-being, physical or mental health, spiritual, moral or social development," he tries to use a baby's so-called well-being to move scrutinizing eyes away from himself. Typical of a coward's actions! How the media's scrutiny of his actions and making known who the baby's mother is can harm the child, only he will know. In fact, the child does not even know what is going on.

What is quite laughable is that Zuma claims that all this attention places the child's moral development at risk. What in the world would Jacob Zuma know about moral development? He has the moral acuity of a coral reef!

Zuma continues:

"Both the Child Care Act and the new Children’s Act also provides for the protection of children from exploitation. The naming of the child’s parents has essentially exposed her to the public, which has serious implications in the long-term for her, and amounts to the exploitation referred to in the Act, because the media is making money out of the matter."

I must say, the poor child has been exploited so much! Wait a sec! No-one has even seen the child yet, so how could the child be exploited! No-one has even seen the child, but the child's parents have been named, how does that have long term implications for the child? Oh yes, the life-long implications for the poor child is that she has to be reminded every day for the rest of her life that her father is a philandering, immoral charlatan! These children were at risk, not Zuma's baby! The fact is that Zuma's child would always have been exposed to the public, being a child fathered by the president, morally or immorally! There is nothing out of the ordinary. If Zuma had a child with one of the women in his harem, it still would have made the news. The only difference is that in this case the parents had illicit sex and the child is unfortunate to be born under such circumstances. The newsworthiness of the situation has nothing to do with the fact that the newspapers have scrutinized Zuma's immoral actions, but with Zuma's immoral actions and lifestyle!

In the media statement Zuma also says:

"The media is also in essence questioning the right of the child to exist and fundamentally, her right to life. It is unfortunate that the matter has been handled in this way. I sincerely hope that the media will protect the rights of children."

I would like to know what kind of mental gymnastics Zuma and his ill-advisors went through to claim that the media in essence is "questioning the right of the child to exist and fundamentally, her right to life?" By highlighting the destructive sexual behaviour of Zuma in no way questions the right to existence of the baby that was born as a result of that immoral behaviour! Through all of this ducking and diving, Zuma simply will not take responsibility for the way that he lives. It is always someone else's fault. This has been Zuma's and the ANC's tactics from the beginning. Blame someone else, anyone else. Zuma certainly has a distorted view of the world, hoping that the "media will protect the rights of children." Children have the right to grow up in stable homes with parents that live moral lives from which they can learn. However, this is not what Zuma is going to give this child. This child will grow up knowing that her father loves other women too, and not just those he speciously claims as his wives. This clearly puts this child at risk in terms of her "mental health, spiritual, moral [and] social development!"

What Jacob Zuma needs is the good news of peace with God!

As it is said,
Today, if you hear his voice,
do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.
Hebrews 3:15

You can read Zuma's media statement here.

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